Mike Zampi loves to help shape kids of all ages this includes adults that still desire to play an instrument. He provides Guitar, Drums, Singing, Bass, Percussion, Uke, Steel Drums, and songwriting lessons in the Columbia, Maryland area at a rate of $35 per half-hour.

Once students have learned the music basics, Mike digitally records the student’s progress every few weeks so the student can hear the progress they are making. This process builds confidence and technique, as well as builds experience being recorded in a production recording studio. This is just part of the exceptional service each student receives.

Mike has devoted and developed himself over the years to be a fine musician that is well respected, dedicated to excellence and giving to other musicians for a chance to grow. His personal goal is to continue composing, producing and engineering as well as supporting his fellow musicians.

Why not get started today? Not only is learning an instrument fun, the student will develop a different part of their brain with surprising results.

Mike has been teaching music instruction for 34 years and it is his goal to turn each student into a musician by reading music, understanding note values, and learning the art of playing by ear.  He has been a professional musician for 53 years and has released numerous personal CDs and DVDs.  He has also produced and engineered 100's of regional musicians through the years in his recording studio.

His services are very unique because he teaches his guitar and bass students how to count music by way of a few drum lessons.  This helps immensely in their understanding of note values and they also learn how to keep better time so that the student will perform tighter with other musicians when they are playing their instrument of choice in a band.  The diversity in learning different instruments is also very valuable.

The other approach he utilizes is in recording each student in his recording studio so that they can hear their progress month after month, plus the students walk away with a CD of songs they've worked on, or created with Michael’s guidance.  The student will also acquire recording-studio skills in which no one else offers.

Mike charges only $35/half hour and recommends that students come for lessons once a week.  The one-on-one time is invaluable so that the student gets the knowledge and the time to gain musical depth.

Michael’s recording studio and approach to music lessons is very "systematic" and the 800 square foot environment is very comfortable and laid back so the student will absorb more and have fun learning.  Mike really believes that if the process is fun the student will practice more and will have this skill the rest of their lives.  Parents are always encouraged to stay and listen as they enjoy the process of watching their children grow!

Mike also prepares vocalists and drummers for the stage. The Rock N Roll Revival play at Severna Park High School, and at Shipley's Choice Elementary School are a great example of where Mike teaches his students how to prepare for vocal and drumming auditions. He assists the students with song selection, vocal exercises, stage presence, and microphone experience. 

Have you thought about music lessons for your Home Schooled Children? It's lots of fun and a great education! 

Please let Mike know if you have any questions. 410.553.1293