Message's From Mike's Music Students

Mike, I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for the time you spend with Josh.  Christmas was really special at our house considering the present Josh presented his mother and me with. When I heard him playing I was absolutely amazed. When Karla and her mother heard it they were brought to tears.   We are very thankful to you for your time spent teaching Josh. When you think about it, anybody can give lessons in whatever they are good at. It takes a special person who goes the extra that shows they care and have an interest in their pupil’s progress. You are that and more. He really has excelled and loves to play. It is an amazing thing to see.   He did get a drum set for Christmas which he played for hours. I could not swing the Roland set but he did get the Yamaha set. It is an intermediate level set. If he gets serious maybe we will consider another set. He seems to be focusing on guitar but I am sure Mr. and Mrs. Van Halen said the same about Alex and Eddie.

Good thing for Mr. and Mrs. Van Halen that Eddie and Alex switched instruments and did not bail on it all together. He also received a new Marshall amp. He and his buddy from down the street played the guitar and drums for hours last night.  Thanks so much for the time you spend with Josh!  I hope you and your family had a great Christmas!  Matt S.

Thank you so much for all that you’ve taught us!  We really appreciate all the hard work that you do to help us to succeed in what we do!  We love playing the guitar with you and can’t wait to start up again next fall!!!  We’ll miss you over the summer!!!  THANKS AGAIN!  Sincerely, Lauren (15) and Trent (13)

Dear Mr. Zampi, Thanks for another great year of guitar, bass and drums, and other fun stuff.  My lessons with you are my favorite part of the week.  Sincerely, Brooks

Thank you so much for teaching me and my brother guitar.  We love playing guitar and going to lessons!  Merry Christmas, Nicole (12) and Andrew (8)

Dear Mr. Zampi, Thank you so much for a wonderful year of guitar and drums!  I enjoy all of my music lessons and you are a great teacher!  Thanks, Katie

Dear Mr. Zampi, Thank you so much for teaching me for the last two years.  You are the best teacher ever!  Thanks, Andrew

Dear Mike, Thank you so much for introducing music into my son’s life in such a fun way.  We feel so fortunate to have found you and look forward to many years of lessons and fun!  It has been a great year!  Julie

Dear Mr. Zampi, Thank you for teaching me drums.  You Rock!  Your friend, Andrew

Thanks for a great time last night with the boys! You are "awesome", to quote the both of them. I couldn't agree more.  Looking forward to many prosperous years with you!  Sincerely, John

Again, I am so pleased already with Logan's progress, but also we're so amazed at the new level of confidence he has from working with you.  He really has moved to a new level as far as his love of music.  You've been a wonderful inspiration and motivator for him, and we couldn't be happier. 
Thanks, Mike.  Michal M.

Hi Mike, Lauren and Trent really enjoy their lessons with you. They always get into the car with smiles on their faces and saying how much fun they had during class. I’m happy they are doing this together because it is nice to see them collaborate when playing at home. You obviously have a gift in your playing of the guitar and in relating to the kids.  You are a really cool and kind person in Lauren and Trent’s eyes, not just their guitar instructor. Thanks!!   We wish you and your family a fantastic holiday and a blessed New Year.  Looking forward to seeing you in January.  Stacey

Hi Mike, Will‘s last high school show will be Friday. And he plays Sunday at first Sunday Annapolis. He is really good now and he owes it all to you! You are the best teacher he could have had! He can play anything acoustic, or electric. We will never forget your time with him and what we have experienced with him since. Thank you! Kathy