What Customers Are Saying About The Note Factory

I've been called pretty picky with regard to my musical opinions.  I'm not easily impressed.  That said, one very rewarding and wholly satisfying music experience was working with Mike Zampi in recording my CD.  It begins with the sincere care that he shows in making sure you sound the absolute best you can sound.  His demeanor is very supportive but he won't let something slide if he knows you can do it better.  Mike is willing and able to "keep it simple" if that's what the artist wants, or he can add layers of instrumentation if the artist wants to take a more elaborate approach.  I appreciate, too, Mike's professionalism and efficiency -- you get a lot for your money because he really knows his equipment and his recording tools.  That makes his already modest fees that much more reasonable.  The bottom line is that I intend to continue to use his services.  What more could a picky musician want?
Paul Harrison - Singer/songwriter/performer

It's great to work in an environment that offers skill, support, efficiency and pretzels - all wrapped up with heartfulness. My kind of studio!
Mary Madison - Singer/composer/performer

The result of my collaboration with Mike literally left me speechless.
Dave Booth - Singer/composer/performer

The art of production is using the knowledge and skills you possess plus the ability to know what your artist has to offer to complete the project.  Mike has respected my 30 plus years in the studio and added his incredible technical and engineering skills to help me complete my songs the way I hear them in my head.  Knowing when to guide as with some of his newer artists or to give space to a seasoned recording artist has made Mike, in my mind, one of the best I have worked with in many years.  He is also extremely trustworthy and caring, which are rare qualities in this business and this comes through in his projects.  His studio is young and growing making me feel very fortunate to be part of that experience.
Jeffrey Archer - Veteran Singer/composer/performer

As a singer songwriter, I needed a studio, musicians and someone to produce my music in a way that brought my songs to life.  I never thought I would find all of these elements in one place.  Mike Zampi makes The Note Factory a special place where great music is carefully and creatively crafted and all the typical barriers and obstacles to recording are removed.  Whatever I needed - from percussion to lead guitar to synth to a solid engineer and a supportive producer – Mike was there to make his magic.  The results tell the story.
Joe Spatarella - Singer/composer/performer

This has been the best recording experience I’ve ever had. I am recording my entire CD project with Mike for many reasons. Specifically because he is very patient, nurturing, professional and very enthusiastic. I cannot thank him enough for his creativity, energy and ongoing support and contributions to my music career.
Janet Griffin - Singer/composer/performer

Recording my first CD with Mike was the experience of a lifetime.  My home recordings used to be flat productions featuring voice and piano.  Mike helped me to sound better than I had ever dreamed possible, both vocally and instrumentally.  Together we created rich, multi-layered demos of my songs. It helped tremendously that Mike is not just a recording engineer, but also a musician.  To that end, he was able to offer excellent musical advice during recording as well as add drums, guitar, bass, or other percussive instruments to my songs as needed.  And above all else he was so pleasant to work with in the studio - always upbeat, energetic, and full of encouragement.  I encourage anyone planning to record a CD, whether it's your first or twenty-first, to strongly consider letting Mike Zampi take the reigns.  You won't be sorry with the outcome.
Adam Book - Singer/composer/performer

Mike has a great balance of sensitivity and efficiency in his work.  He understands with his heart, and translates my ideas very quickly and effectively into a polished product in the studio.  Collaborating with Mike is easy, fun, and rewarding!  He's a great guy to work with.   Brent Flickinger - Singer/songwriter

For me, there are three essentials for a sound engineer/producer: patience; ability to interpret the artist's vision; and a great ear.  Mike's patience while interpreting my cryptic ideas, and later while mixing, was unending.  As for corralling my vision, I left with a reeeeally coool-ly done-as I desired- demo.  Of course, none of this matters if the quality's no good.  Mike’s great timing and ear for the proper pitch kept things top-notch.  And, if I was around at dinner time, he fed me too!

Ken Gutberlet - Singer/songwriter/performer

Mike Zampi makes his studio, The Note Factory, a full service, personalized, thoroughly professional experience. Mike’s expertise at using technology, his equipment, and his creative producing as well as his skills as a musician produce stunning musical products. While working on my CD with Mike, I have always been encouraged, supported, and fully assisted with every step of the process. I highly recommend Mike Zampi and the Note Factory to any musician who is planning a recording project.

Iris Hirsch - Singer/composer/performer